Flushable Tofu Cat Litter Clumping Bulk Manufacture
Flushable Tofu Cat Litter  Clumping Bulk Manufacture
Flushable Tofu Cat Litter  Clumping Bulk Manufacture
Flushable Tofu Cat Litter  Clumping Bulk Manufacture
Flushable Tofu Cat Litter  Clumping Bulk Manufacture
Flushable Tofu Cat Litter  Clumping Bulk Manufacture

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Green Tea/Lemon/Peach/Original
Babycat Catlitter Manufacturer
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Tofu cat litter
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BabyCat Tofu Cat Litter Best Natural Odor Control 99.9% Dust Free

Babycat clumping tofu cat litter is a lightweight sustainably sourced natural litter formulated to destroy litter box odors with superior clumping and 99.9% dust-free. Our Green Tea litter pellets are made with natural botanicals but are NOT COMPATIBLE with the Breeze Litter System..


Dissolve quicker and more thoroughly

Compared to the previous version, it dissolves quicker and more thoroughly. The ability to save even more on usage. Compared to the previous version, it absorbs liquid more completely and quickly. It can absorb a fluid volume four times greater than itself in just two seconds.

Hint for Cat’s Potential Health Problem

Taking a cat outside might trigger a stress response. Home Test Is an Option. It is difficult to collect urine. Cat litter replaces test paper. Trace blood is invisible to naked eyes. High-Sensitivity Color Development

Easy Cleaning

Tofu cat litter also makes cleaning the litter box more convenient. You have more than one way to dispose of it after use. You can choose to flush it down the toilet, throw it away as garbage, or use it as fertilizer if you think it's appropriate

Due to the solubility in water, the garbage processing is more convenient.(Do NOT flush too much into a toilet in a time).
70% 2 mm (Diameter) Tofu Cat Litter+30% 1.5 mm (Diameter) Tofu Cat Litter. Perfect Combination, Less Scattering, Improved Wrapping.
Packaging And Shipping
Packaging And Shipping
From packages to pallets, and local to global, get flexible, reliable and affordable shipping solutions that fit your business.


ü  Q1: What is your MOQ?
A: Normally 25Tons (20ft) is requested as the minimum order quantity. 10Tons would be accepted, but with a higher price. Different scents could be mixed into one container.

ü  Q2: Do you offer free samples?
A: Yes. We could offer free samples, but the courier fee should be paid by your side.

ü  Q3: What's your Popular package size?
A: 5L (4KG)/Plastic bag, 10L(8KG)/Plastic bag. 5KG/10KG/20KG with Woven Bag. Your special requirements are accepted.

ü  Q4:Can I do OEM?
A: Yes. We have our own litter factory and package bag factory with professional bag designers. We could produce cat litter and the package bags as your requirement.

ü  Q5:How about the Leading time?
A: For the existing package bags, 1 week for one 20ft container (25Tons). For New OEM brands, it takes 3 weeks to produce the new bags, and the total leading time would be 4 weeks. For repeated OEM brands, the leading time would be 1-2 weeks.

ü  Q6:Do you offer matching products with your containers?
A: Yes. We provide matching pet products if you are interested, such as a scratching board, Cat Climber, etc.