The advantages and use of tofu cat litter

The advantages and use of tofu cat litter


Edible, dust-free, 100% environmentally friendly, highly absorbent tofu cat litter

The advantages and use of tofu cat litter
Tofu cat litter – Pros and cons

1. It lasts a long time
Tired of refreshing your litter-box every other day? Whereas most litters will last you about 1 to 2 weeks before they become too smelly and have to be tossed, our experiments with tofu litter yielded significantly better results. The products usually lasted about three weeks to a whole month before we had to come in and refresh the litterbox. Don’t forget to scoop daily!

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2. Safe for consumption and dust-free
A blue scoop filled with litter
Since tofu is a natural product made from bean dregs, your cat can safely ingest some. We still would not recommend you start feeding your cat a whole bag of tofu beans, but it’s nice to know that that the product is relatively safe for consumption.

There is also the fact that regular cat litter tends to produce a lot of dust once it is poured. Breathing in these particles is not very good for your lungs, and your cat won’t particularly enjoy navigating through huge dust clouds either. But tofu litter produces zero dust! That’s a huge advantage over other litters.

3. 100% Eco-friendly
This cat litter is the best choice for those of you who care about our planet (and you should!). The eco-friendly nature of this product means it is completely bio-degradable. You can even get rid of the stuff by flushing it down the toilet (it’s water-soluble), or by recycling it as organic compost in your yard.

4. Great absorption
We conducted an experiment by filling two cups, one with regular clay clumping litter and another one with our tofu cat litter. We then poured water into both cups until they were completely soaked.

Guess what the results were? Indeed, our tofu cat litter was able to absorb almost four times as much moisture as the regular clumping clay litter. Not bad!

5. Virtually no tracking
One major disadvantage of most other litters is that they stick to your cat’s paws. While using tofu kitty litter, we found it not quite so sticky. That means it doesn’t track across your floors! You can save yourself money and toss that old litter mat in the bin: there’s no longer anything for you to clean up! It also clumps into small and very solid nuggets, which makes scooping much easier.

How to use tofu cat litter
Start by cleaning your litter box. Be sure to whipe all the corners. Once it’s nice and clean, open the bag and pour about 2 to 3 inches of tofu litter into the box. Give the tray a bit of a shake to get an even surface.
Once the cat litter is in use, don’t forget to scoop daily. You can flush any clumps down the toilet, use them in your garden as compost, or toss them in the trash.
Always add fresh litter after scooping to ensure the litter box remains filled.